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"The healing Caitlin has done has worked wonders with my dog, Ludo. He was in the animal hospital and they suggested putting him to sleep. Thank God I didn't as he now has a new lease of life. He even looks younger. She is amazing and very, very gifted."
(Nikki, UK)


Animals have exactly the same going on as humans do in terms of a physical body and an energetic body including chakras and an aura. They're also sensitive and get badly affected by geopathic stress (bad energy in the ground) and although cats will naturally gravitate towards geopathic stress, it is not good for them. Dogs on the other hand will avoid it where possible. So if you want to find a good spot to sleep follow your dog not your cat! Or even your horse! Horses stables should be free of bad energy as their health will deteriorate if not. 


As you can see in the diagram here animals also have chakras and when they get blocked problems can arise. Caitlin works in exactly the same way as she does with people trying to identify the cause of the illness, then finding the remedy and sending healing to the problem. Animals are generally very sensitive to healing energy and tend to like it!


Animals can also be entered into The Healing Zone - click above for more info on this.


Animal Healing is by donation only. 

"I now have a happy little dog free from trauma and enjoying her walks and doing what dogs enjoy most. Thanks from me and Bonnie" 
(Margaret - U.K.)

"She literally lifted the grief off my dog. He hadn't been the same since my husband died. But he is now. He's sprung back to life."

(Barbara - U.K.)

"My cat, Tilly, is now 19 years old and has just been given a clean bill of health. The vet is in disbelief and I credit her wellbeing to the regular healing sessions with Caitlin."
(Jacqui - U.K.)
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