Angels of 911

Bravo for the courage it took to embrace an event that shook many to our core, and write a beautifully woven story-line that reaches across space and time to uplift humanity and touch the heart.

Page after page contains the grit and SALSA of what it is to be human. INSPIRES us with echoes, to remember what’s really important; WHAT OUR REAL JOB IN LIFE IS! To treat others with kindness and be the best human we’re able to during our earth gig. In addition to the knowledge we are so much more than our human form. How powerful our actions are and what a difference even the small ones may make.

Fluid writing that takes on a rhythmic heartbeat throughout, makes it hard to stop reading once you’ve begun. The story line immediately draws you in and takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions from the get-go, yet manages to UPLIFT humanity with the magic of hope, trust, and love in the wake of a tragic aftermath. Though well -aware life after life exists, as well as non-physical assistance, how awesome that the author was able to “show” through her written artistry, that this is but one reality. All true teachers INSPIRE their students or audience, and that Caitlin has done. BRAVO!

KELLI (Madison, WI)

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