Animal Healing has Worked Wonders on Ludo

I lost my best friend a few years ago and was devastated my son gave me the best gift which at the time felt didn't have much meaning. I named my dog Ludo which took me 2 weeks to think about. The minute I spoke to him an said 'do you want to come home with me?' this little ball of fluff put both his paws up to be picked up and from that very minute I knew we both will have a bond.

So not knowing how to deal with him as I never had a pet in my life, I tried my best to train him to be huose trained, sit at my feet when I work an so on!! Excellent results, but unfortunately he developed allergies to milk and beef, as well as skin itching and other minor problems. So I decided to have healing done on him and that has been spot on!!!

Ludo has regular healing and that has enabled me to have a perfectly healthy and funny loving Ludo. He digests his food now and all allergies seem to have disappeared. I adore him as my children have moved and have their own families and lives. Ludo keeps me busy and I go out walking. More to the point, healing works wonders and he is a happy little dog who gives me and all my clients lots of love and joy. Thanks to Caitlin the healing she has done has worked wonders with him. She is amazing and very very gifted. I'm glad my path has crossed with hers.

- Nikki, UK

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