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We all have one body that we are given for life. It is important to look after it and understand how it works. It houses our spirit, expresses our emotions and allows us to live & function in this physical world. It is a very important part of who we are. In this world, most of us perceive only the physical aspect of this body. However, within the physical body we also have an energetic body that needs to be taken care of and considered when looking at the causes of illness.

As we are energetic beings connected to the entire universe we are like antennas and can receive frequencies. We are tuning in to frequencies all the time - good, bad, indifferent. Caitlin works as an interface with the divine frequencies of healing and can channel them to all that need them whether it is individually or in a group. 


During an in person or telephone appointment Caitlin will try and get to the root cause or causes of the problem using dowsing (an ancient form of divining), intuition and interactions with spirit to find out what has caused the patient's problem. There are many varied causes of illness on many levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental. The cause of all health problems lies in one of these categories. Caitlin will first of all find what that cause is. As we live in a cause-and-effect universe, it makes absolute sense to deal with the problem in this way. Once the cause of the problem is found, Caitlin can then focus on the solution. In this regard, many of Caitlin’s patients see her as an alternative GP.




1. Somebody who sleeps in a place with an underground stream below the house and bed position may experience a variety of symptoms such as insomnia, restlessness, low mood or even develop life-threatening illnesses due to a weakened immune system (see more on geopathic stress under house healing).  If Caitlin detects this she will help the patient to find a healthy energy to sleep in away from any environmental disturbances.  In addition to this, Caitlin can help clear geopathic stress from the body.  


3. Somebody whose mother has died (whatever the time frame) may experience a whole range of symptoms such as breathlessness, palpitations or depression.  This could be because the trauma of a loved one dying can sometimes close one or more chakras, usually the heart chakra in this case, blocking the energy flow to the physical body and therefore creating distressing physical symptoms. Caitlin can reopen the chakras with the help of spirit during a healing session.  Caitlin can also channel messages from loved ones who have passed over, which can go a long way in healing a grieving heart, reassuring people that their loved ones are actually still alive.  However, this is not something which Caitlin can turn on and off at will.  The spirit has to choose to come forward themselves during the session.


4. Somebody with addictions can be under the influence of energies present in their aura for example and once these energies are removed the vital energy force can flow freely once again releasing the person from destructive behaviours.


5. Somebody who has been sexually abused may experience symptoms such as eating disorders, depression and anxiety to name a few.  The auric field and chakras of a victim of abuse, sexual or otherwise, may need to be cleaned and realigned to release the trauma from their body and psyche.  This is something which Caitlin with the help of spirit can do.


6. Somebody who believes they are unworthy may attract destructive people and events into their lives.  On this level, it is often important to explore negative belief patterns formed in childhood. There are also inherited ancestral patternings that can create negative emotions and experiences for people without them really ever understanding why. It just seems like bad luck. These can also need clearing.


These are just a few examples of the many, many causes and effects involved with ill health and disharmony of a person's life. Each case will be unique and Caitlin will explore the imbalances that are causing a person to suffer, then set about to help rectify the situation.


See the testimonials page for examples of some of the amazing results Caitlin and spirit have achieved. 




When Caitlin is working her hands are often controlled by the spirit beings who are working with her, whether in person or at a distance.  Over the years she has formed a close relationship with her guides and it is now very easy for them to come into her auric field and work using her body.  Although Caitlin's personality is still present, it is essentially spirit doing the healing work.  Without this close association, no healing would take place.  Caitlin also receives messages and images that help guide her in her work and also guide the patients themselves. 

Over time Caitlin has developed her gifts and created such a strong connection to the healing energy that often healing takes place now even before someone has spoken to Caitlin so she now offers appointments where you don't need to speak to her at all,  just make a request and healing energy is sent over to you as soon as possible. See more about this in the distance healing section.


Spirit healing works independently of the patient’s spiritual & religious beliefs and is not the same as faith healing.  However, the benefits of a positive outlook and openness to the healing process are great.


Caitlin can also administer all of her treatments whether you are with her or not and works with people all over the world.

2. Somebody with a vitamin B deficiency may experience symptoms of depression or with a vitamin C deficiency symptoms of low immune system function.  This is easily remedied with the correct intake of the appropriate vitamin, which will, in time, alleviate the symptoms.  Through dowsing, Caitlin is able to detect vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as food allergies or sensitivities. This alone can solve a lot of problems.

"I felt very calm and peaceful straight away. I felt as though I was floating on clouds and I was totally safe and secure. My whole body was weightless - it was such a lovely sensation."


"It was totally amazing!I felt a tingly sensation in my fingertips. About three days after the healing session I suddenly realised that my hands didn't hurt anymore." (John)

"I am now able to do so much more without any pain. It is truly miraculous!"


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