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"I couldn't sell my house but after Caitlin cleared it, it sold within two weeks."

What is House Healing?
House healing is basically detecting issues with houses, making adjustments and sending healing energy, usually remotely, to a house. It is a similar vibrational frequency that is also sent to heal people. The aim of it is to raise the energy in a place of work or home so that the occupants feel healthier.
Why do we need it?
We may need it because the energy in the house doesn't "feel right". Many people know when looking round houses if they get a good feeling about a place or not. Often saying things like "this has a good feel" or "I don't like the feeling of that house" or "I couldn't get out of there fast enough". We can all sense energies, some more than others and our senses are often trying to warn us of something that's not quite right that we must avoid. Sometimes, however, we cannot feel the bad energy and may end up moving into a house that has bad energy or geopathic stress. This is where house healing can come in useful - first to assess why the house isn't "healthy" and secondly to then put solutions in place.
How do I know if I need healing on my house?
You may just feel it is "not right" or someone may have become ill in the house, or you may not be able to sell your house, or you may just be checking it out for preventative health reasons and dowsing has indicated that you have a problem somewhere in your house.

Are you having any of the following symptoms?

Feel tired a lot? Feel like you never slept at all? Insomnia? Aches and pains for no reason? Restlessness?  Always ill and run down? Chronic illnesses? Life threatening illnesses?  Miscarriages? Relationship breakdowns? Constant arguing?  Don't want to go to bed?  Tingling feelings while in bed? Difficulty concentrating? 

If you have had one or more of the above symptoms you could be sleeping in geopathic stress (bad energy in houses). Over the years, Caitlin has discovered that geopathic stress is one of the most common causes of illness throughout the world. It appears to be killing and harming millions of people every day without them even knowing and we must raise awareness of its existence. Geopathic Stress is extremely dangerous. Caitlin usually measures the house energy, through dowsing, on a scale of -5 to +5.



Lung Tumour

Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer

The diagram above shows lines of Geopathic Stress 
running through people’s houses (where they sleep)
and some of the resulting illnesses. 


What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress is a common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions.  If you think of the earth as a giant electro-magnet, Geopathic Stress occurs when waves of radiation seep from the earth’s core and are distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities. The natural radiation, disturbed in this way, becomes harmful to living organisms (including animals and plants). The negative earth rays become harmful as they rise up through buildings affecting the body’s natural biorhythm and cause sick building syndrome.

Geopathic Stress can also result from electro-magnetic fields caused by electrical wiring, lighting, appliances (including computers, TVs, microwaves, clocks, radios), telephones (especially mobile phones), and from outside sources such as electric generators, transformers and electricity pylons.  When a person's home is located in an area of Geopathic Stress, this can cause a whole range of severe 
illnesses & disorders, including cancer, MS, ME, depression, insomnia, mood swings, relationship breakdowns, restless legs, lowered immune system and many more. 

Caitlin offers a number of different solutions for dealing with Geopathic Stress. First of all, it is important to detect whether somebody is being affected by this energy, which disturbs the human energy field and weakens our immune systems, allowing other illnesses to develop. Caitlin normally does this through dowsing. It has been known for Caitlin to advise people to sell their house or move out of it, whilst it is being treated. This is extreme however, and there are many different solutions to neutralise geopathic stress in a house.

Solutions To Geopathic Stress 

The solutions to healing houses vary according to the type of stress it is and where it is. If it is severe it might be better to just move house. If it only a affects a small area then moving your bed may be the only action required. If it is a house affected by electromagnetic and geopathic stress other solutions maybe needed such as healing, devices or even ghost clearing. Caitlin would likely recommend that you join Heal The Earth, an organisation she set up to send positive healing energy to houses.


energy_Prancheta 1.png


Sometimes there are things that go bump in the night and this can be energies of previous occupants who may have died in the house or spirits that have somehow got lost and need help. It is a simple process for Caitlin to either come to your house and help the spirit to cross over into the light or remotely help the spirit to cross over without having to set foot into your property.


Cloud stairway to Heaven. Stairs in sky. Concept Religion background.jpg

Most of the clearings can be done remotely but sometimes Caitlin has to actually visit in person to help the trapped spirits into the light.

Caitlin has travelled all over the world helping stuck spirits from England, to Italy, to LA, to Australia to New Zealand and more.

If she can do it remotely, however, she will and its obviously going to be quicker and cheaper!

"After the healing my home felt lovely and full of headache has gone. The children and I are definitely brighter."

(Di - Australia)

"You have totally transformed the energy in my home. Thank you so much!"

(Nic - England)

"I felt a cool blast when I went back to my house and a lovely sweet smell that I didn't recognise."

(Tina - England)

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