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Distance Healing
Receive healing anywhere in the world whether you are at home, in hospital or elsewhere. 

In-Person Healing
Caitlin occasionally offers in-person appointments. Find out where & when and make an appointment here.

House Healing

Receive healing for your home. Assess your house or office for geopathic stress or ghosts.

Heal the Earth
Heal your house, office or land whilst helping the planet. Find out more and subscribe.

The Healing Zone

Join Caitlin's online healing portal to receive powerful healing transmissions.

Two Spirits Publishing 

Explore and buy Caitlin's books and  CD's.


I have never met Caitlin and she has changed my life!


The soul is eternal

About Me

Caitlin Walsh is a gifted, powerful and compassionate healer who has helped thousands of people since she first began her healing practice almost twenty-five years ago.

Caitlin first discovered her gift of healing when she was a teenager. Suffering from near paralysis, Caitlin turned to alternative medicine for help and ended up in a healing circle in York, England. She stepped forward to receive healing and was subsequently told by the healer that she had healed him during the session, rather than the other way around. 

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