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Caitlin has no events currently scheduled but in the past has demonstrated her healing abilities by holding healing events throughout the world.


"The illness I came in with on that day virtually disappeared after it!"

"My bad knees were tingling all afternoon and when I left I could walk up and down steps I hadn't been able to walk up and down for a long time. They were loose and you didn't even touch them."

"I didn't realise you were funny!"

"I didn't know how Caitlin was going to hold our attention, but we were all still there hours later completely mesmerised! She was amazing!"

"Wow! Thank you so much. I got up this morning after the event and I can move my right arm again. It's a miracle!"

"It was a real honour to watch you and spirit working on people."

"A wonderful event - transformation before my eyes."

"I love your calm presence."

"I was feeling this menthol, minty feeling all over me as I sat there. Incredible!"

"I had ME and since the event I have to say that I have not suffered with it hardly at all. Unbelievable!"

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