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The Angels of 9/11

The Angels of 9/11 is a page turning novel that will give you an insight into the spirit

world leaving you with feelings of love, trust, hope and a deeper understanding of

life, death and beyond.

Synopsis: When Jonathan collapses and dies he feels more alive than he did before and soon realises that death is not what it seems, but merely a transition into another dimension. He learns to be a spirit guide (guardian angel) helping his son, Matt, live and die through one of the world’s worst disasters, the destruction of the World Trade Centre. Arming his son with a copy of “The Earth Guide Book - The Manual for Spirit Guides,” Jonathan works alongside Matt to unravel the universal questions of life and death.  A combination of fact and creative fictionalisation full of inspirational teachings.  


“The Angels of 9/11 is bathed in light.”
“I never read books, but this one I read almost overnight.  I used to be afraid of death. Now I’m not.  That in itself is amazing.”
“An absolute page turner.”
“I was so moved by the messages of hope and love that I cried more than I had in a long, long time.”
“It was like reading a Philip Pullman novel. I just wanted to read on.”
“I just cried tears of joy.”

The Earth Guide Book - A Manual from Heaven


The Earth Guide Book is full of knowledge and wisdom, passed on through spirit, about life and death. It will help you remember who you are, why you are here and where to place your values in an often chaotic world. Messages of love and forgiveness shine like stars through the pages.

Healing Meditations CD

Healing Meditations is a series of guided visualisations by Caitlin that help you to heal and relax.


Track 1 - clearing the aura

Track 2 - clearing the chakras

Track 3 - clearing an unwanted condition/illness

Track 4 - connecting with your spirit guide

Track 5 - relaxing navajo flute played by Caitlin

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