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"I was housebound for years with tiredness, headaches and dizziness. I was in bed 5 - 6 days a week and could barely walk across the room. I'm now full time back at work. Absolutely like a miracle!"

(Nora, Ireland)

Most of Caitlin's healing work is now done via distance healing, where the patient is not in the same place as Caitlin. This is useful for everyone allowing them to receive healing in the comfort of their own home but especially useful for hospital patients, people who are housebound, those who live too far away - even at the other side of the world and during pandemics! Distance healing appointments are equally effective as in-person and often quite mind-blowing. Spirit is able to work without the restrictions of this physical world - where they live, time and space does not really exist. This makes distance healing possible anywhere on the planet.


Caitlin will either work from a photograph if you have one or conduct a telephone consultation. At your agreed appointment time Caitlin will either call you to discuss your issues or you can just lie down ready for the healing transmission after emailing what you would like healing for. Caitlin recommends that during your distance healing appointment you try to create an ambience of healing wherever you are, if possible. 

Suggestions -

  • Light a candle.

  • Dim the lights.

  • Play low level meditation music.

  • Make sure you are undisturbed.

  • It is ok for pets to be present during the healing as long as they don't disturb you.


She will spend some time clearing and healing your energy blocks with the help of spirit. She might make some recommendations such as moving your bed or taking a supplement or remedy for example. 

If on the phone she will stay on the phone for some of the appointment time and then do a longer healing for you without being on the phone so that you can relax and receive the healing transmission without the negative frequencies of the electromagnetic stress of the phone. Caitlin will not call back after the longer healing.


Some people feel many sensations during their healing appointment and some don't feel anything at all - it varies with each person. Appointments usually last between 30 to 90 minutes.


"I felt very calm and peaceful straight away. I felt as though I was floating on clouds and I was totally safe and secure. My whole body was weightless - it was such a lovely sensation."

(Andrea - U.K.)

"It was totally amazing!I felt a tingly sensation in my fingertips. About three days after the healing session I suddenly realised that my hands didn't hurt anymore."


(John - U.K.)

"I am now able to do so much more without any pain. It is truly miraculous!"


(Sophie - U.K.)

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