To make an appointment please e-mail: appointments@caitlinhealer.com


text or whatsapp U.K. mobile  +44 07561 077178 with your details including a contact number.  

Please don't make a payment before you have an appointment. Thank you! 



Disclaimer: by paying, you acknowledge that you have not been cajoled, coerced, threatened or persuaded by Caitlin Walsh or her associates to undergo or partake in any particular treatment or medication or substance. You freely acknowledge that any unorthodox or unusual treatment or medication or substance that you may utilize is done with your full awareness and acknowledgement that it is of your own free will.  You also acknowledge that any symptoms or illnesses you have are ultimately your responsibility to heal and that there are many causes of ill health. You understand that Caitlin will deliver treatments to the best of her ability but cannot be held responsible for any deterioration or inability to heal in the patient, house or place of work.

Please note there is a 48 hour cancellation policy on all appointments.