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Book: The Angels of 9/11

Book: The Angels of 9/11

The Angels of 9/11 is a page turning novel that will give you an insight into the spirit world leaving you with feelings of love, trust, hope and a deeper understanding of life, death and beyond.
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    Ilkley Gazette Review:

    When Jonathan dies (on the same day as John Lennon), he becomes a spirit guide, a sort of, guardian angel, for his son, Matt. Matt lives in New York and works on the 92nd floor of the South tower of the World Trade Centre. Armed with The Earth Guide Book – a manual for spirit guides, which fell into Matt’s hands by ‘accident’ - Matt has to live out his last day on earth under the watchful eye of his father and Doris, the most powerful angel in the universe. Not only is Matt being guided, but spirit guides are also looking after his family. Whether it be to keep them away from the Twin Towers when they are hit by the terrorists on that fateful day, or to give them strength when they are confronted with the reality of what has happened to people they love.

    Despite its subject matter, this book leaves the reader not with feelings of sadness or depression, but with the feelings of love and redemption. One very memorable thought from the book is “make sure everyone you love knows you love them just in case you don’t have time to tell them before you or they die”. This was the thought of many people after the sudden attacks and this powerful theme is carried on throughout this book.

    The Harrogate-based author has skilfully and sensitively handled the subjects of death and loss and has drawn on her own experiences as a spiritual healer to craft a story that will appeal to young and old.

    The Angels Of 9/11 is beautifully written; it’s emotive and heartfelt and will bring a tear to the eyes of even the most cynical. The fact the book is based on a true event makes it even more impressionable and poignant. Although there was no Matt or Jonathan or Matt’s family per se, their characters and feelings are realistic, and were experienced by many affected, either directly or indirectly by the traumatic events of 9/11.
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