"After one session with Caitlin my knees felt like new. The pain and soreness had disappeared. It was wonderful and a pleasure to walk and kneel with no pain." (Brenda, UK)


"Over time, the healing with and through Caitlin has meant that my crutches and wheelchair are things of the past. I can walk without any aids. I have no pain. I can walk down the road from my house to anywhere I want – I’ve not been able to do this for sixteen years!" (Shirley, UK) 


"I felt strange things happening with my back as she wielded her non-invasive magic! I could immediately do movements that I hadn’t been able to for years. I am now not taking any painkillers and haven’t done since." (Pervis, UK)


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Most of Caitlin's healing work is done via distance healing. However, she occasionally makes in-person appointments available if she feels it is necessary. Please consult with her before booking an in-person appointment by emailing


In-person healing appointments cost £70. For those who are in need of financial assistance in order to afford the appointment, the charge is reduced to £50. Please click the appropriate button in order to book an appointment.