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Silent Distance Healing Transmission

Silent Distance Healing Transmission


Caitlin can set up healing energy to be sent to you at a specific time without talking on the phone. It is useful for her to have a photograph to work with if possible (not necessary) and any further information about what the healing is required for. Please send these details through the form on the appointments page where you can also attach a photo or via email. This type of appointment is useful in many cases such as:

If it is difficult to talk, for example, in a hospital setting.

Too ill to talk.

You'd be at home and you don't want anyone to over-hear your conversation.

If the time differences get in the way.

If it's for someone else who doesn't want to or can't talk 


You're just happy to know that healing can take place without having to have a telephone connection, which it certainly can. 

Once you pay for your appointment, we do our best to contact you within 24 hours in order to set up your appointment time. Generally we can give you a silent healing appointment time much faster than a telephone appointment  time so healing can be started as soon as possible.

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