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The Earth Guide Book: A Manual from Heaven AUDIO

The Earth Guide Book: A Manual from Heaven AUDIO


Audio book on CD read by Caitlin Walsh. The Earth Guide Book is full of knowledge and wisdom, passed on through spirit, about life and death. It will help you remember who you are, why you are here and where to place your values in an often chaotic world. Messages of love and forgiveness shine like stars through the pages.

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    Reader Reviews:

    "Inspirational and life changing. A fascinating read and an explanation of life. This guide explains so many of life's mysterious questions and opens your eyes to our very existence. A must read after you have read the angels of 9/11, Caitlin is truly a sensational writer!"

    "Once opened up to this subject, I have such a thirst for knowledge, and this book is just so inspirational and gives one such a feeling of tranquillity, knowing we are never alone, that our Guides and Angels are always with us, our loved ones who have passed over are never far from our sides. It gives me hope, and a feeling that I am surrounded by love. And that no matter what, I am, nor I will ever, be alone. Much praise to the Author on what must be a difficult subject to try to explain to people who want to understand - You have done a brilliant job!"
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