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I couldn't walk for 15 years. Now I can!

My healing journey with Caitlin Walsh began on April 7th 2000 and what an amazing journey it’s turned out to be. However, my story starts well before this. My upbringing was traumatic due to a number of family circumstances and I lived in a children’s home for part of my early childhood. From the age of fifteen, I was fostered, which didn’t work out that well. This left me with some emotional problems that showed in an eating disorder. With time and support, I recovered quite successfully. I resumed my teaching career and got back to enjoying life. I took up walking again, which I did regularly with friends. During 1985 towards the end of an enjoyable walk, I felt a bit of a twinge in my right calf muscle. This marked the beginning of an injury, which then led to me living with a disability for fifteen years. Immediate hospital treatment didn’t help the injury and treatment over the years actually made matters worse. I lived with severe pain, my heel would not go flat to the ground – it was about three and a half inches from it. Several nerves and a tendon were trapped in my foot that surgeons could not resolve. I ended up with a condition called sympathetic reflex nerve dystrophy. My foot was extremely painful, even when resting. It was always swollen and became more swollen when up and doing things. It was hypersensitive, and the lightest touch was unbelievably painful – it took me a year to be able to tolerate wearing a sock. I had circulatory problems in that leg which was either ice cold or burning hot. The skin on my foot and lower leg turned shiny and had a reddy hue to it. I had marked muscle wastage of my calf and my ankle joint was in a permanently fixed position with my toes pointing downwards, which I couldn’t move. My lower leg was bowed and my knee and hip were out of alignment. My back and other leg muscles were very weak. The hairs on this leg stopped growing and my toenails grew at a much slower rate than my other foot. The only way I could get around was with two elbow crutches and by using a wheelchair. I could no longer keep a shoe on my foot even though I had them specially made. I was also getting blisters underneath my foot, which took some time to clear up. I suffered with bouts of depression and was convinced that I’d be better off having my leg amputated. The medics gave up on me and I them. So, this is how I was when I first met Caitlin. Much to my surprise, I found that I instantly felt at ease with her and trusted her implicitly. She has such an honest, warm and loving approach. The first two sessions were truly amazing. I could move my toes, my hip was easier and all the pain from my foot had completely gone – I could touch it without yelping. If fact, anyone could! Over time, the healing with and through Caitlin has meant that my crutches and wheelchair are things of the past. I can walk without any aids. I have no pain, my foot goes flat to the ground and I can keep my shoe on. My hip and back are in alignment. I have no circulatory problems and I have a working calf muscle and hairs! I can walk down the road from my house to anywhere I want – I’ve not been able to do this for sixteen years. I am now going out to the countryside regularly to fill my heart with the love and beauty of being able to walk. I really am a walking miracle! Emotionally I am much more balanced than I’ve ever been, it’s been painful at times but well worth it. I’m more confident in myself and there’s so much more of me as a person. None of this would have happened without Caitlin and her whole approach to healing and health. Caitlin’s love and support has been invaluable and so too has her belief that miracles can and do happen. I have taken supplements and made some changes to my diet, which Caitlin has suggested and I feel much better for having done so. I’ve experienced things that are completely new to me and even though I’ve sometimes thought them odd they’ve worked. Caitlin has supported me with learning how to walk again – my brain didn’t know what to do. It has all been an amazing, awesome and exhilarating process. Thanks Caitlin. I have recommended Caitlin to many of my friends and even to strangers and will never have any hesitation in doing so.

Shirley Macredie

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