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Hi my dog is called Ludo and I got him when I lost my best friend nearly 12 years ago. I was heartbroken but Ludo coming into my life kept me going. He will be 12 in March. He’s a cute lovely dog and loves people ..all of a sudden a week before lockdown he got really ill. He was sick and had diarrhoea and it was all blood. He lost 2kg overnight and couldnt keep anything down. I had to rush him to the vets, then to emergency, by this time Ludo looked drugged up. They kept him overnight and told me that my dog was very poorly and its up to me what route I wanted to go down whether I have his intensive treatments after his test or put him to sleep they said he has a massive mass on his liver😥 and wasn’t looking good. It was early March 2020 and I was heartbroken. I could not imagine my life without my Ludo so I rang Caitlin who has helped me over a number of years and she said bring him home and she was here when Ludo came home . The rest is history🙏🏻 she did healing on Ludo every day for a few weeks. From Ludo not eating or drinking and not being able to walk my Ludo has bounced back and is like new . He didn’t need any other treatments. Without healing I know for a fact he wouldn’t have been with me. I have full faith in Caitlin’s healing and knew if anything could help him it would be healing from her. I feel blessed that I have known Caitlin for so many years and maybe she was meant to be in our lives and heal us . All I can say is she is one in a million and who ever is lucky enough to experience her healing will be blessed too 🙏🏻🙏🏻


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