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My little dog Bonnie who is 18 months old kept having recurring bouts of going off her food for days, didn’t show any interest in walks or playing with her favourite toys and was given to trembling for no apparent reason. I consulted the vets but got no answers and was left wondering what to do to help find out what the problem was.

I consulted Caitlin regarding this and she said she would try to get to the bottom of these problems and we planned that she would carry out healing at 6pm. 7.30pm Bonnie ran to her dinner and ate the whole dish of food then signalled she wanted a walk which she hadn’t done for the past ten days. I spoke to Caitlin who felt that Bonnies problems were related to some kind of trauma that she had identified and then cleared from Bonnies aura and chakras. I remembered that when just a few months old Bonnie had been bullied and trampled by two very large dogs running free in the park, it was a very scary experience for her and me which I hoped she would recover from. Since Caitlin did her healing Bonnie has been so much better and now is much more confident on her walks and has shifted from being terrified of large dogs to actually making friends with a Great Dane. It has helped me too as I feel I was inadvertently adding to her fear by being fearful myself of big dogs, there have been no further problems for Bonnie, it confirms that dogs are emotional beings and can suffer from depression and trauma which cannot always be helped by conventional veterinary medicines. I want to highly recommend Caitlin to anyone worried for their pets well-being to consult Caitlin for help. I’m so glad I did as now I have a happy little dog free from trauma and enjoying her walks and doing what dogs enjoy most. Thanks from me and Bonnie.


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