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Amazing Healing For Stroke Victim, Saved From Weird Attacks, Severe Bad Back Healed, Pain Killers Th

I am 48 years old, married for 23 years to Debbie with two children, Caitlin (coincidentally!) 17 years and Adam 14 years. Last July (2002) I suffered from a stroke caused by a blood clot. It was apparently a mild one and although I suffered from paralysis on my left side initially, I did make a recovery from this and now have reasonable movement with mild weakness on my left side. I saw the stroke as a warning to alter my lifestyle and diet. I returned home after two weeks in hospital with a determination not to have another stroke. I felt shaken but optimistic.

I had only been home for a few days when I started to feel unwell and appeared to suffer symptoms similar to the stroke although this time on my right side but the tests for this all proved negative. I remained in hospital for further tests, which didn’t give any clues as to what was happening to me. I returned home and continued with my rehabilitation. I continued to feel unwell and had days where I felt exceedingly light headed, my speech would worsen, my left side would weaken considerably and I was still getting symptoms on my right side. My breathing was also affected. I was re-admitted to hospital but nothing could be explained.By December 2002 my family and I were so concerned that I went to London to see an eminent neurologist to see if he could shed any light on why I was deteriorating instead of improving. His conclusion was that I was hyperventilating. I accepted this diagnosis and whole-heartedly obeyed all his instructions. I got a personal trainer, joined a private gym and had physiotherapy for breathing (who didn’t think I was hyperventilating in the first place.)

In February 2003 it was then accepted by my neurologist that I was not suffering from this. Around this time the severity of these attacks worsened and became more frequent. From February to May I continued to deteriorate. The doctors could not help me any further as all their tests proved negative. I was basically left to my own devices. I couldn’t work even though I have my own successful business with (fortunately for me) an excellent partner who understood and saw the state I was in physically and would have welcomed my input however small or large. I couldn’t drive so was very dependant on my wife to run me anywhere I needed to go. Nothing could be planned for the future as these attacks came without warning and at this point were happening about 3-4 times weekly. I became very emotional during these attacks but afterwards had no recollection of them. They were very upsetting for whoever was around at the time of me having one. The symptoms were of a TIA (mini stroke) but the doctors said there was no reason why I should be having them, so therefore I wasn’t. Our children’s lives were also badly affected as you can imagine. Everybody was very worried about me but nobody knew how to help me.

My saviour came in the form of Caitlin Walsh. I didn’t know much about her except my daughter had been to see Caitlin 2 months before and I had witnessed her speedy recovery from only one visit. Since seeing Caitlin on my first visit, I have not looked back. My wife and I immediately felt Caitlin’s sincerity and concern and know I was in good hands. I didn’t feel anything at the time, except renewed optimism. My wife and I waited over the next few days for me to have one of my ‘bad’ days. We waited for a week and began to think how unusual that I had gone a week without one. Two months on and I have not had one since! Within 7 days of seeing Caitlin I felt able to drive and have returned to work with a vengeance! I feel confident I am on the road to recovery. I have got my life back.

I still have limitations from the stroke, which I accept, but there were never the issues I was concerned about. It was all the other symptoms that worried me that no doctor could explain.At the end of my first visit to Caitlin she nonchalantly told me she could fix my bad back too. Yes, right, sure you can, I thought! Briefly, I have suffered from back pain for 23 years. I have been with 4 different orthopaedic consultants, who all pass me on to the next, when they can’t do any more for me. I have had a disc removed twice. Have got metalwork screwed into my spine, have had bone taken from my hips and fused around my spine, had a five hour op to try and remove metalwork, tried numerous epidural injections and had hours of physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. Had acupuncture, faith healing, homeopathic you name it I have had it!

I have taken strong prescription-only-painkillers for the last 20 years. I could not manage without them. I have had to take them during the night as the pain wakes me up. I clock watch for when I can take my next ones and have sometimes taken double or before I was actually due, such was the extent of my pain. I have had to return home from important occasions for them when I have forgotten to take some out with me. (Yes my wife does not know how I can forget them either!)

So at this point I saw Caitlin for my second visit. I felt strange things happening with my back as she wielded her non-invasive magic! I could immediately do movements that I hadn’t been able to for years. I am now not taking any painkillers and haven’t done since. I would never have thought this possible and for me, although I didn’t need it, is further proof of Caitlin’s gift.


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