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Anxiety and Depression lifted and Caitlin’s book

What can I say? “Thanks a million” hardly seems adequate! I first visited you at the beginning of last year because I was having problems with my legs – which are fine now. When I came to see you 10 days ago I was aware that I had been going down a “slippery slope” for about 2 weeks, though hadn’t felt myself since the beginning of the year. It’s impossible to describe how I felt – no interest in anything, difficult to motivate myself, was having difficulty simply in leaving the house, didn’t want to drive, felt sickly all the time so didn’t want to eat, lots of negative thoughts which grew out of all proportion and made me feel more sickly and gave me anxiety attacks – and so the list goes on. I really cannot begin to describe how I felt – just so ill!

This feeling was so alien to me – I was the “strong one” who coped with anything and everything. Yes, there’s been a lot of stress in my life over the last 12 months – so what? I thought I’d dealt with it but obviously not! I visited my GP because I felt so terrible. He diagnosed anxiety and depression and prescribed anti-depressants. Because by this time I was due to visit you I didn’t start taking the anti-depressants – decided to wait until I’d seen you. I duly visited you – brought by my husband because there is no way I could have got myself there. The “flood gates” opened and a lot of talk was of my Dad who had passed away six months previously – unfortunately whilst I was on holiday so he was by himself. Using your dowser you were able to tell me that my body had totally shut down. All my chakras were blocked. Whatever you did, however you did it, the result is unbelievable! Apparently you unblocked my charkas allowing energy to flow through my body again. I was amazed that I felt so much better when I left you – so much so, I was able to walk round Harrogate for a couple of hours.

The second day after my visit I felt a bit down again and very tired (a little worried by this), but the following day felt great and remain so. My husband had commented several times on the unbelievable change in me. I’m actually laughing again! I have taken no anti-depressants and cancelled my doctor’s appointment informing the receptionist I had been to see a spiritual healer and dowser. Not sure what she made of that! Perhaps I should have suggested he sends all his patients suffering from depression, to see you!

I would also like to take this opportunity to add belated further thanks for the help given to my daughter who has suffered from M.E. for several years. One year later and she has made amazing progress. Also my grandson, who has been diagnosed with dyspraxia but again has improved in leaps and bounds over the past year. Bit of a family affair!I wish you well in your forth coming journey to Australia and hope you manage to produce your second book which I look forward to. I have read “The Angels of 9/11” several times – though the subject matter is obviously depressing I do find the book very uplifting and thought provoking. Trouble is I want you there to discuss so much of it with you!! I truly believe you have a wonderful gift and long may you have the ability to help people in this way.


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