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Breast Tumour & House Healing

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for directing the healing I have received over the past twelve months. My health has improved in as much as I now have more self confidence and ability to deal with my every day life, as well as feeling physically so much better. It is truly amazing. The miracle that has unfolded over the past twelve months I wish to share with others. It is my intention in writing this testimonial, not to give direction to be followed by those who are in the same situation as I, but simply to share my experience with regards to illness and the pathway I have followed. I would like to tell you my story. As a result of misdiagnosis over a fourteen month period I was finally diagnosed with a rare left breast tumour in July 2008. My symptoms over this period had been left sided chest pain with a tightness causing breathing issues. I was referred to a respiratory consultant and finally a psychologist, having had numerous diagnoses ranging from acute asthma, muscular pain to anxiety. I was outraged by the treatment I had received. For months I had feelings of isolation, loneliness and helplessness. I felt no one was listening to me, which was quite a frightening experience considering my professional background. I have been nursing for over 25 years working at a senior level both in management and advanced nursing practice in medicine. In June 2008 I discovered a large lump the size of a ‘golf ball’ in my left breast. The lump had appeared out of nowhere and had probably been there for some time, which would explain the pain I had been experiencing. My first reactions were that of utter shock and denial on how something so large had gone undetected despite regular self examination. If only medical staff had listened to my request of having a CT scan of the chest, this would have been resolved a lot sooner. I felt depressed with confused mixed feelings on how the medical profession had let me down in my time of need. Whilst reeling from the initial shock of the diagnosis I was introduced to Caitlin through a very dear friend. At first I felt nervous and tired from the lack of sleep. The past few months had taken quite a strain on my body and mind. Having heard so many wonderful reports of the amazing gift she has, I instantly had overwhelming feelings that I could put my trust in this person I had never met. That might appear strange to a lot of people especially loved ones considering Caitlin was a complete stranger living over 10,500 miles away in Australia. I’m sure my mum who I lost 13 years ago was guiding me throughout. When I first spoke to Caitlin I didn’t know what to expect but immediately her voice put me at ease. She listened intently and then explained what had caused my ill health. This had mainly been caused through geopathic stress and an imbalance in the energy flow throughout my body. All chakras were blocked and my immune system had been suppressed to 15%. On dowsing my home it was apparent that I was living in very bad energy. The reading she gave was -5, one of the worst readings she had ever had. She immediately advised to move out of the house for up to 21 days in order for her to treat me and correct the energy in the building. She also mentioned my mum was with her and that she wanted to hold me, but stated that it was not my time to go yet. This was later proven. Having initially been told (pre biopsy) that the tumour due to its characteristics was possibly 85% malignant, it was later revealed it was benign. Due to the strong feelings of trust and belief I felt I knew intuitively that I had to listen and follow her instructions. I moved out immediately and despite people thinking I had ‘lost the plot’. Although family and friends did not understand, they trusted my judgement and the belief I had in this very special person. I continued treatments for a further 10 months. Following each session I felt deeply moved with an inner peace that I had not felt for many years. Although these personal feelings were difficult to see, what was evident was the self confidence I had gained as well as the vast improvement in my health it had immediately after and long term. My health has gone from strength to strength. I no longer feel anxious but more positive about life. On return to work last year, colleagues were amazed how well I looked. They thought I had spent a few months at a health spa rather than going through the ordeal I had! The transformation in my health and attitude to life has prompted colleagues, family and friends to contact Caitlin where they have all had remarkable experiences. I finally met Caitlin for the first time in June 2009. at first I felt emotional and lost for words, which for those who know me well is unusual!! She was just as I imagined, beautiful inside and out. I felt an overwhelming calmness come over me. It was truly amazing. I could not believe having spoken to her on so many occasions that finally I was meeting this remarkable, kind person, who had completely changed my health around and given my back a life that I had not had for a long time. Due to one of the treatments I received since her return to the UK I am now completely cured of the discomfort I experienced in my left breast due to scar tissue. All chakras are still spinning fast and my immune system is 90%. My home has now increased from -5 to +4 which is amazing considering where it was 14 months ago. Throughout the treatments I have felt relaxed, with feelings of warmth and tingling throughout my whole body. I have experienced a feeling that I will never forget of my body being cocooned by a presence of love and protection, making me feel safe and at ease. Caitlin.......meeting you has just reconfirmed and more everything I thought and believe, as well as giving me back my life you have given me a purpose to live through the positive outlook I now have. I will be eternally grateful for what you and our friends in spirit have done, and will never forget the amazing journey you have taken me on. For the future I welcome the regular treatments you will continue to give myself and my family. I wish you all the best on your return to Australia and look forward to meeting you again in December. Good luck with the launch of your new book. I’m sure it will be as enjoyable and inspirational as ‘Angels of 9/11’. I personally have been helped by some of the lessons and experiences gained throughout having the opportunity to read this remarkable book. I’m sure many others will agree. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your dear friend Karen who has remained supportive and positive throughout. I’m sure you will agree she is also a very special person. Take care, hope to speak to you soon.

Sue Ray, England

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