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Depression Gone! and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing

Hi! My name is Donna. I’m 24 years old. I suffered from depression through bereavement for four years. Caitlin was introduced to me a year ago when it had been at its extreme. The symptoms I had were not being able to cope with situations; everyday situations for example leaving my house, shopping, walking my dog, confidence, panic attacks, extreme dark moody thoughts and a head that felt ready to explode with all my thoughts that through depression built up into bigger thing that what they actually were!

I saw Caitlin with the frame of mind that I didn’t really know what my beliefs were about healing. (I write this because the feelings I felt could not have been due to mind over matter!) So when it came to the healing I was very apprehensive because I’m not very good with physical contact. Caitlin could sense this and so we sat opposite each other. Caitlin gave me healing without contact with each other. I was truly amazed when I experienced feelings that all the inside of my body felt that it was being drained from head to toe. I felt in a lovely relaxed and protected state of being, all the tension and darkness in my head disappeared and for the first time in four years I felt truly happy. My whole body felt like I’d been to the gym and I felt so elated I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing (hysterically), it was really amazing. I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone to Caitlin. She truly has a wonderful gift.


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