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Fatigue & Chronic Infections Healed Through Distance Healing

I had been unusually over-tired and unable to recover my energy for a few months. I didn’t know what was going on and I and also kept getting one viral infection after another. I had experienced a number of amazing in-person treatments from Caitlin in the past and she recommended that I try distance healing this time...During the healing my room felt like it filled up with love and I experienced many different physical sensations.

When it was over I was left with was an immense sense of serenity, inner strength and joy that lasted for days. I felt I was reminded of my true heritage as an infinite & indestructible spirit and I was very moved by this. Knowing that there is a world of spirit out there that wants to help us has filled me with a great sense of wonder and happiness at the magic of the universe. Thank you Caitlin, for bringing this amazing gift into my life! Incidentally, my energy has vastly improved and I feel better than ever!

SK, Canada

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