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Leg Pain & Eating Disorders Healed

My 15-year-old daughter had been suffering from pains in her legs for a number of years and despite many consultations – both homeopathic and conventional - diagnosis was vague. Some said growing pains, others wrote it off as muscular, another – after inaccurately measuring her legs – triumphantly announced that one leg was longer than the other! Her school shoes were weighted and painkillers dispensed, but nothing alleviated the pain. Working in a café at the weekends seemed to exacerbate the problem and she would awaken in severe pain, which only dispersed on taking one of her dad’s powerful prescription painkillers to knock her out until the pain was gone. Then around January this year my daughter produced a card given to her by a close school friend and she asked if I would make an appointment for her. She explained how her friend and her friend’s mother had both been cured and how they had recommended this practitioner. I looked at the card. Caitlin Walsh, Dowser and Spiritual Healer. “You have got to be joking!” was my immediate response, but my usually obedient daughter persisted and eventually, in March this year I reluctantly made an appointment. I still cringe at the memory of my first conversation with Caitlin as I made it very clear how I had been “railroaded” into making the appointment. I didn’t hide my scepticism but Caitlin said very little except that she would definitely be able to tell me what was wrong with my daughter, although she could not guarantee a cure. Although still miffed at the way my eldest child had nagged me into submission, I was struck by Caitlin’s confidence. The day of the appointment came. I left them to it and spent a long hour in Starbucks. I needn’t have worried. I was greeted by my smiling daughter accompanied by Caitlin. I got my cheque book out and braced myself for the sales pitch. There wasn’t one. None of the usual ‘four sessions for the price of three’ or ten for twelve’! Caitlin calmly looked at me and told me she had ‘unblocked’ some bad energy. The problem had entered my daughter’s leg when she was about three years old, possibly where she had slept at that time in her life and Caitlin said that no further treatment should be necessary. I didn’t fully understand everything she said and felt a little like my daughter knew something that I didn’t! I just wanted to get out and interrogate my child! But before I could make my exit, Caitlin pointed at my stomach area and said she thought I should come to see her as I was obviously blocked and that my digestive problems were a result of trauma! To be fair, I had asked about allergy testing but as the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, I rationalised that my daughter must have been disclosing family health secrets! I muttered that I would make an appointment but felt an overwhelming urge to cry. Emotions flooded over me and I made a hasty retreat to the café downstairs. I am not an overly emotional person, but I knew instinctively that ‘something’ had just ‘happened’. Sending my children off to the café I telephoned my husband to tell him what Caitlin had said to me. I was quite upset and felt exposed and vulnerable but didn’t want the children to see. Totally aware of my severe digestive problems and my traumatic past, my husband urged me to make an appointment. I pulled myself together and, having established that my daughter had not discussed my medical problems at all, I knew I needed to see Caitlin myself. My problems were rather more complex. The eating disorders that had plagued me as a child had followed me into adulthood. Anorexia and bulimia were the legacies of systematic sexual abuse as a child, which had manifested themselves as a teenager and followed me into adulthood. Alcoholism and drug abuse had been two more battles fought and won just before the birth of my daughter in 1989. However, so much abuse of my body had left me struggling with severe digestive problems despite being over the disorders themselves. I had undergone all the tests. Cameras in every orifice, nutritionists, powders and potions! Wheat free, fat free, you are what you eat, low fat, GI, diet after diet, but nothing changed. I suffered bloating, constipation, abdominal pain. I exercised regularly, was the correct weight height ratio, avoided conventional medicines, took vitamins, minerals, ate only organic vegetarian food, drank gallons of water, no alcohol, but nothing moved. Literally! Encouraged by my usually sceptical husband, I went to see Caitlin. This time I really was terrified! I waited, hands shaking and stomach churning! Caitlin accurately told me I had suffered from trauma and as a result of this, negative energy had entered my body at the age of 10. She was spot on. I was 10 when the first assault took place. Despite Caitlin’s astonishing observations I was still nervous and although I was definitely not scared, I was worried that once on the couch nothing would happen. I lay down and immediately felt like running off when the strains of religious sounding spiritual music drifted from the CD player. A fairly committed atheist, preferring the scientific approach to life, the universe and everything, I felt an overwhelming desire to laugh! I felt ridiculous. I berated myself for coming and prepared myself for the embarrassment of having to pretend to Caitlin that I too had experienced the cold sensations described by my daughter! I was aware of Caitlin beside me and her hands on my stomach area and tried to close my eyes – I had to screw together. I was not at all relaxed. A car alarm sounded outside the open window and Caitlin told me I may begin to feel emotional and if I did I should ‘let it all come out’. Oh God! She didn’t know me at all! I didn’t really do crying and the thought that on top of everything else she now may be expecting me to cry piled on the pressure! I just wanted to laugh or run away! I considered pretending to cry to make her feel like her treatment had worked! Resigned to my embarrassing fate I lay as still as possible. What seemed twenty minutes passed and other than feeling Caitlin’s hands on me, I had no other sensation at all. Then I felt a tingling sensation in my hands and feet. It steadily grew stronger like I imagine an electric current to be, only nice. It moved up my arms and legs to the top of my thighs and top of my shoulders. Suddenly I was crying! Even as I was crying I told myself to stop. I couldn’t. I sobbed and shook but couldn’t move. I felt almost pushed on to the bed. I could not move at all, but neither did I want to. The feelings were actually pleasant. Then came waves of, what can only be described as, contractions rolling through my stomach area. This went on for some time and as these sensations died down, I felt a tingling sensation at the top of my right leg where I had a long-standing muscle strain. Then Caitlin spoke and it was all over. Rising from the couch I felt fantastic. Floating, relaxed, happy. Caitlin said the chakras in my stomach area had completely closed down and had been that way since I was ten. She had unblocked them and assured me I would be fine from now on. We talked a little about her spirit guides and she told me I had four of my own. I felt at peace. She said I didn’t need to come back. One of the problems encountered by those who have suffered eating disorders, particularly bulimia, is that the brain does not receive the normal signals to say the stomach is full, leaving the sufferer feeling constantly empty. Feeling empty like a hunger is also a common symptom suffered by those who have been abused or traumatised. At home later that night, I ate my dinner – vegetarian stir-fry – halfway through I felt strange, almost like I was going to be sick. I pushed my plate away and looked at my husband. I told him I didn’t feel well and then it dawned on me! For the first time in my life I actually felt full! Laying on the sofa after the children had gone to bed, I became aware that my stomach had swollen up to pregnant proportions, but rather than being alarmed I felt warm and nice. After a good sleep I awoke to find my stomach had gone down and shortly after I went to the toilet ‘everything came away’. My bowels cleared completely. I know what happened to me at Caitlin’s hands was not something that came from ‘this earth’ and although my digestive problems had completely left me, I feel that a different healing has taken place. My visit to Caitlin has turned me from my cynical ‘when you’re dead you’re dead’ views, to a certainty that life here is only a small part of our journey. Even as I am writing this I can’t believe what has happened to me. For the first few days after seeing Caitlin I was worried that the feelings I had would disappear. I am happy to say they have stayed with me. The experience has changed my life. I no longer feel angry towards my abusers. I feel stronger and more capable of facing anything that life can throw at me. My sense of being an outsider – not good enough, not normal – and my low self-esteem have all completely vanished. And where I thought my sense of belonging would come from the people around me, I have discovered it has truly come from within me, along with an understanding of who I am and why I am here. I can hear better and see more clearly. Colours appear brighter and I am more aware of my surroundings. Caitlin has totally healed me from my digestive disorders, but all that now seems secondary to the awakening that has occurred in my life. Amazingly my long, and fiercely held, views on matters ranging from disabled people, to life support and abortion have completely changed. I understand it all now. I have struggled to write this testimony for fear of sounding like an evangelical lunatic and scaring people off. I can only write the truth as it has happened to me. There is nothing to fear from something so pure and good. I have, and will continue to recommend Caitlin to anyone for anything and I feel incredibly privileged to have met her. I know I have four, sometimes five spirit guides looking out for me, because Caitlin has told me, but I think I may also have met a real live angel – Caitlin Walsh.

Kimm Fearnley

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