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Long Term Depression Gone!

I first saw Caitlin about two years ago quite by accident. My sister had seen an article for Agnus Castus in one of her women magazines and it seemed it might be of benefit to me. There was a telephone number to ring for the nearest organic shop which I rang and explained my situation. A couple of days later I got a telephone call from Caitlin to make an appointment with her. I must admit I was a bit confused as I thought I was only going to take the Agnus Castus tablets. I was in a very unhappy relationship which was emotionally draining. I was also being bullied at work and I could not see a way out. I had been on and off anti-depressants, which helped for a while but nothing really lifted my low spirits. I had seen a few counsellors but nothing seemed to work. I also had terrible mood swings. It felt like there was a thick black cloud in my head and occasionally it became lighter but usually went darker. It would not shift though. When I saw Caitlin she asked me to explain my situation and I also told her about the Agnus Castus tablets that my sister had seen in her magazine. Caitlin said she could give me a treatment, which would be quicker and more effective than the tablets. I agreed to the treatment and I have not looked back since. After Caitlin had taken some notes, she asked me to lie down on the bed and she began her treatment. She got rid of the negative energies within me and aligned my chakras. Caitlin also suggested I take some Bach Flower Remedies and homeopathic tablets. It was a weird experience and it was something that I had seen done before. I was tired at the end of the session and just wanted to go to sleep. I slept really well that night and the next day I noticed that the black cloud in my head had vanished. I also felt really happy and had loads of energy. I actually looked forward to the day ahead and each day got better and better. I expected this new feeling to last for a couple of days only, maybe a week at the most but I was wrong. Caitlin said that I did not have to see her again but if I felt I needed to return then she would see me. All the counselling and anti-depressants I had been on over the years had not benefited me anywhere near the way Caitlin has. Caitlin has recommended a number of things for me to try, including books to read, homeopathic tablets which would be of benefit to me, Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flowers – all of which have been relevant to my particular ailment and which have been tried by Caitlin herself in the past....I am now in the process of changing my career and becoming a Reflexologist and learning more about holistic therapies. I cannot thank Caitlin enough for her help, understanding and compassion.


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