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Was there ever cancer there in the first place? Or did it heal?

On Thursday I had an appointment with a cancer specialist from Christies. It was an awful shock – I got a letter marked urgent on Wednesday morning, with an appointment card for the following morning at 9 am. I was really spooked, I phoned my doctor more or less gabbling and she assured me no one could make me have any treatment I didn’t want. (She was very interested in B17 and says natural herbs are better than manufactured drugs most of the time). She thought it was probably a clinical error – she says Dr Wylie usually sees people within 6 weeks of the op.

Anyhow, I gritted my teeth and kept the appointment to see what he had to say. I’m very glad I did. He told me the same as the surgeon, Dr Zaklama, has said before Xmas. There were cells in the biopsy – a cluster at level 1. But there was no sign of any cancer at all when they tested the uterus and ovaries etc. It had disappeared completely. His explanation was that the biopsy must have removed them all. Which doesn’t explain why they were still there on the scans after the biopsy. I just looked across at John and we grinned at each other. I didn’t enlighten him – although he was very pleasant. I just said I’d got my immune system sorted and I’d carry on taking all my vitamins and left it at that.

But I’m going to write it all out and give it to my own doctor and if she thinks fit, I’ll send him a copy. I don’t suppose for one minute they’d have given me another scan after I’d seen you – they’d have just thought I was a few screws loose. Anyway – they can’t dispute the truth. I expect they would be worrying about me suing them for misdiagnosis, which must be why the Registrar kept saying, “but it showed on the scan and here it says level 1” – which I now assume to have been the original biopsy report....So, as Shakespeare says, “All’s well that ends well”, and as one of my friends said, “Isn’t it wonderful that lady (you) is there for us if we need her.”



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