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New Lease of Life for Mavis – Grandma Given a ‘Miracle Cure’

A crippled woman who was forced to walk with sticks now has a real spring in her step after a ‘miracle cure’. Mavis Smith had been in agony for years suffering from arthritis and sciatica and had been forced to give up work, as her condition got worse. She had a hip replacement in 1992 but the nerves and muscles around the damaged bone continued to give her pain. As a last resort she consulted natural healer Caitlin Walsh – and within months she had a new lease of life. The sprightly 63-year old Holywell Green grandmother can now waltz up and down stairs, walk her dog and lead a normal life again. The dramatic change in her health came after she read an article in the “Evening Courier” about Miss Walsh and her healing work at the Halifax Clinic of Natural Medicine at Clare Road last February. Mrs Smith, who had had a hip replacement in 1992, was at the end of her tether. She had been forced to take early retirement and the surgeon and staff at the hospital’s pain clinic worked hard to improve the pain and sessions with an osteopath helped. The pain from sciatica was non-stop and I had horrendous pain walking up hill. Caitlin’s clinic was on the top floor and the first time I went it took me ages to get up there, but now I waltz up – and I don’t limp any more,” said Mrs Smith. “After the first session, it didn’t hurt as much going up the hill outside my house. Now I’m a pensioner, some people say it’s a waste of money. But what price do you put on your health? Now I’m beginning to walk dogs again and I had missed that. I would say to people that before they start knocking it, go and try it yourself. My neighbours now ask me where my walking sticks are.” Miss Walsh has always had an interest in the paranormal and in healing – and although she never claims she can provide miracle cures, no-one has ever left her clinic feeling worse than when they went in and almost everyone has some improvement. It’s much easier to heal someone who is being pro-active than someone who says: I’m here, heal me,” she said. “The healing works by directing energy which comes from a higher source. My body is the channel and I’m transmitting the energy to the sick person. The way I understand it is that someone has an energy block and this positive energy bulldozes the energy block away and that allows the body’s own energy to heal it.”

Appeared on the front page of the Halifax Courier

By Jan Winter

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