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A force of magic

Caitlin is a quiet force of magic. She is somehow able to fill me with positivity and calm in the midst of this crazy world. Caitlin brings so much power in such a gentle humble way. I’ve worked with a lot of different healers, and it’s rare to find someone with such a gift, but also such generosity and genuine care for the entire world. I genuinely feel Caitlin is dedicated to serving. 2020 was not an easy year for anyone, but having Caitlin’s healings regularly really helped. Her home healings also are somehow so powerful, I’m constantly surprised. There were a number of healings where a few hours afterwards I thought “I feel entirely different, how is this possible?” I had one experience where in the final minutes of a long healing, I received amazing news I had been hoping to hear for years. In general I’ve found any person’s journey of healing can be long and unpredictable and beautiful and disorienting, but with Caitlin I always feel so supported, and that she truly sees me and cares. And her healings of the many different modalities I have experienced are some of the most wholistic, peaceful and transformative, without ever being too much to handle. I think it’s a testimony to her sensitivity, intuition, humility, mastery and most importantly, heart. - David, USA


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