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Help to Conceive after miscarriage - from Australia to U.K.

I started having distance healing following a miscarriage of twins after my 3rd IVF attempt. (On my second IVF attempt I had my gorgeous little girl). I was going through a difficult time and was worried about not being able to conceive again. My fertility clock was ticking like a time bomb as although I was relatively young, 37, I had quite severe problems in conceiving.

Caitlin healed me when she was in Australia and I was in the UK on a regular basis over a period of a few months. She helped me regain my energy after my miscarriage and guided me into deciding upon the right time to try again, not too soon but also quickly enough for it not to be too late. She was a beacon of light for me during those difficult months and after every conversation I felt warmer, more positive, calmer, more energised and more able to clearly focus on my issue.

After my 4th IVF attempt (3 months after my miscarriage) I am delighted to say that I am now pregnant with a healthy boy, who is due in 10 weeks time!I firmly believe that Caitlin was instrumental in this process and a true source of help, inspiration and support during this grieving process and building me back up to be able to try an IVF cycle again. Thank you Caitlin for all your help. I shall always remember you and be forever grateful.

V. Bannister, UK


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