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Mental Health Distance Healing

Over the course of most of my adulthood I have suffered with the illness of addiction and poor mental health as a result of my irresponsible,damaging and out of control addiction. During all of my struggles one person I class as a saviour and someone who selflessly has helped me through some of the toughest experiences of my life. Caitlin Walsh is a healer,empath and above all else one of the kindest beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of growing to know and in turn has enriched my life with her healing energy and her empathy and sound strategic advice that miraculously makes sense further down the line when my life has improved. Thanks to Caitlin my life is on the right path now and I find her energy in my life a port of love in the stormiest of self created waters. She’s the best. Thank you eternally for your love ,selfless friendship and being there .

Ben Briggs.


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