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Suicidal Thoughts Gone, Now Full of Love

Around this time last December I made contact and booked in for an appointment with you.

I was going through some dark days of my soul.

We began a series of three distance appointments which began in January this year.

Wow! The timing couldn’t have been more divine.

I just wanted to tell you the transformation that has taken place within me and it all began when I contacted you last December.

When you completed my third and final session my journey of awakening consciously began. And what a journey! Each passing day I release another link in a chain of stale energy that has been wound around me since forever. Each day I journey towards lightness of being. This time last year I thought daily of ending my life and today I am present and full of love.

I just wanted to thank you for opening up my chakras and getting them spinning which led me out of darkness and onto the continuing journey of enlightenment.

Thank you Caitlin.


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