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Depression, Anxiety, Eczema & Sores Gone

When I came across Caitlin's website I was very world weary and depressed following a series of family traumas and illness. I was exhausted all the time, had insomnia, sores around my mouth, chronic ear infections and was overemotional. I was amazed by the testimonials she had and so I booked a distant healing session.

The first session Caitlin called from Australia and explained my energy was blocked and we were going to try and unblock it. I was reassured straight away by her straightforward approach and how normal she was about ideas which had seemed a bit mysterious to me. I could hear a clanking noise which I think must have been her dowsing. She asked if I could feel anything and I said "I think so". My chest felt full of a gently humming electricity, then I could feel subtle swirling sensations inside my body and something like tiny bubbles coming up my throat. This was my chakras being opened. Then when she cleared my aura I felt as though a little humming bird was flitting around my head and shoulders. The next day I noticed that when I thought about a recent tragedy, instead of feeling choked up like I usually would I felt okay. I also noticed that when I went out in the rain I felt enjoyment. It was years since I had felt connected to nature. The next distance sessions were just as memorable. I felt pins and needles in my hands. I felt surrounded by warm, comforting sunshine. I also felt cool menthol. Always I felt soothed and started enjoying life again. Despite its ups and downs I had more perspective. The changes were subtle but very deep. I also realised from the distant sessions that my beliefs about the world were being drastically challenged. I had previously been open minded about metaphysics and spiritual ideas but it was quite another thing to have direct experience of something I had only read about. Caitlin came to England for Christmas so I was able to meet her. I was pleasantly surprised at how normal she looked, not at all mystical or distant like I had imagined a spiritual healer to look. I was struck by how warm, genuine and kind she was. She enquired about the eczema in my ear and then put her hand near my ear and I felt my ear drum start to twitch rhythmically. Even after everything that had happened I was surprised and got my husband to put his hand there when I got home (it didn't twitch that time). Another memorable session was when Caitlin did some deep healing on my tummy. She put her hands on my tummy and it felt like a little frog was jumping around inside and I had to laugh. Afterwards there were about 50 tiny little blood spots just under the surface of the skin on my tummy. Caitlin would put her hands on and then say "something (energy) is about to jump out". After a few sessions I realised what she meant as I would feel a wave a bit like nausea just before she would say this. I also got to meet Karen (who makes Caitlin's appointments) who is a lovely woman, a ray of sunshine who always has words of encouragement, and is an absolute star dedicating so much time to helping others. The experience has changed my life profoundly. I feel like a different person. I feel like a foal, wobbling around on new legs. My eczema and sores are gone, so has the depression and insomnia. I am looking for answers to the questions that this experience has raised. I am enjoying life. I can't put into words how glad I am that I met Caitlin and there is no doubt in my mind any more that there is much more to this life experience than meets the eye.

Helen, England

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