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Help with Severe Headaches at Event

Just wanted to say thank you for what you did for me. You may not remember but I saw you when you gave a talk at the dowsing group in Bury. You did a demonstration on me and straight away knew that I suffered from a lot of headaches, all of my chakras were fine except my third eye which you said was spinning the wrong way. You put this right and said that it had been caused by a trauma which had occurred 9 years 10 months previously. At the time I could not think what this could be. As I drove home the same night it suddenly struck me that my daughter Libby is exactly 9 years 10 months old and that this imbalance had been caused by her very traumatic birth. I had to stop the car as the memories of this time flooded into my mind and tears streamed down my face. I suddenly realised how close I came to losing her and how, since it happened, I had never talked about this or even thought about it much. What you did obviously released this from me. I was amazed at how accurate you were. Since that night I have not had even a glimmer of a headache and my head somehow feels clearer now. I have been interested in healing and dowsing for many years but have never met anyone quite like you, as I’m sure you know yourself the gift that you have been given is truly special. Thank you so much!

Carol Weir

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