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House Healing Helps with Electrical Field Emissions

I had spoken to you about a problem we had with electric field emissions on various electrical equipment in the house. The worst area was in my bedroom and bathroom, with readings well over the safety levels. (For more information on electric field readings go to

The following day, we had to vacate the house for one hour whilst the in-depth house healing took place. Later, we returned home and everything seemed lighter, just as we have come to experience after the house healings, but didn’t think anything more than that.

Much later on it occurred to Fouad to go upstairs and check out the readings again on the various problem areas, such as lamps, a computer, and the quality of the earths on the hot and cold water pipes. The readings were well within the safety ranges, so where previously the field reading on a lamp was around 50V/m now it's reading is 4 V/m.

All I can say Caitlin is a massive THANK YOU! L. Jaffar, England

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