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No More Wide Awake Nights

There is a calm in the house that can not be described fully. I’m happy even with all the sh** going on around me with family and neighbour problems, I’m content. Usually I have sleepless nights when my brain is playing movies, going round and round the same problems and trying to find answers where there are none. The only thing up to now that would close this off is the TV so there have been many a night where I sleep on the sofa with the TV on instead of in my bed ... if you see what I mean. These ‘wide awake nights’ as I call them are noticeable by their absence and over the past 3 weeks, I’ve had only perhaps 2 nights like this where previously it was at least 2 per week if not more. So you see, the healing that Caitlin is doing is so needed and for me it is working... So may I please say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved.

Gratefully yours,

Sheelagh Dale

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