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Severe Bone Pain Healed

In 1995 I had a mastectomy for breast cancer. By early 2003 I was having severe pain and had minimal movement in the neck. Examination showed that the cancer had spread to the bones. Gradually over the months physical activity was drastically reduced (even to deciding whether I really wanted to turn over in bed!!). I have been having treatment at Cookridge Hospital since August 2003 but nothing relived the severe and constant back ache which was making life unbearable. My niece told me about Caitlin and I made two or three visits in February/March 2004. On my last visit in April Caitlin laid hands on my back for almost 40 minutes. As soon as I got off the bed the severe ache had gone and has not returned. I have now resumed fell walking (between 10 and 12 miles - with rucsac) and plan to go trekking in Nepal next February/March. Thanks, Caitlin, for helping me return to an active life.

Sue Bone

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