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Distance Healing Felt Like Liquid Sunshine

Thank GOD, the universe, or whatever anyone cares to reference, for Caitlin sharing her gift of healing and her team of healers. Her work is mighty powerful. In my experience, felt like liquid sunshine dancing & spreading from cell to cell, followed by momentary shift or release, an uncorked bottle of tingly champagne bubbles coursing through me. Ahhhh Bliss! What a HUGE relief to no longer experience the pain I had been. Healthy skepticism is OK, however – rest assured there’s no need to hesitate, the service she offers is real. Caitlin’s inspirational work is & like experiencing a bit of Heaven on Earth! Once experienced, there’s no denying it.

I was kept awake every night for the past couple months with debilitating pain in one knee. The 3 mile walk, both to and from work, was so painful it left me in tears. My husband suggested I take one of his pain pills from a recent surgery he had. Though tempted to alleviate the pain, knew better as I’ve always been overly sensitive to any type of OTC or prescription drugs. (One prescript pill left me unable to be awaken for over 19 hours, though able to hear everything going on around me & freaking out inwardly, found myself trapped in a physical form that refused to respond. Another time 1 Sulfa pill as prescribed; caused my lips became numb & acted as a muscle relaxant, whereby I literally became like a falling down drunk). Due to p.l.m. recall from early childhood, have done my best to steer clear of traditional medicine/docs. Was also having extremely painful headache(s) straight through the top of my head for 2 weeks. Caitlin immediately knew what I had forgotten & clearly asked me if any trauma to the head had occurred. No – I told her maybe as a child. Later that evening recalled – an accident at work that caused a gash on top of my scalp from a metal cabinet, I went on about my work trying to pretend all was well at the time (smarted & felt numb) & failed to realize it was bleeding. I thought it impossible when the doc told me I should have stitches had sustained a concussion from it, thought it was just a lengthy headache.

Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU Caitlin! Able to walk without pain, able to sleep again, and relieved of nasty headaches. I am grateful to Caitlin and team for offering her healing services to all. Thank you from my heart to yours for your service, and kindness - with every fiber of my being.

Love n’ Mega Blessings


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