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Help with Pituitary Tumour through Distance Healing

10 years ago I was diagnosed, aged 20, with a pituitary tumour and acromegaly (a rare disorder which increases growth hormone levels, deforming feet, face and hands and increasing general bone growth, or time). I had the tumour removed surgically twice and twice it grew back. I had the full dose of traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy,. Both failed to deactivate the tumour. I then had gamma knife surgery and this also failed to impact the size or activity of the tumour. Given it's apparent immunity to conventional treatment I had a look into alternatives and tried a host of therapies and remedies, including area, accupuncture, ayurveda, massage, yoga and meditation, nutrition and homeopathy. I think some, perhaps all of these played some role and, in the cases of yoga, meditation and nutrition, continue to be integral to my good health, but the ultimate shift that lead to the literal evaporation of my tumour (latestscan showed no tumour) happened at the start of the year, when I started receiving distant healing from Caitlin.

At first, even after my wide experience with various healing therapies, I was dubious as to

whether healing could be felt via a phone call. However, from the first call I felt an undeniable physical sensation in my head and sometimes, in other parts of my body, especially my feet and hands. The intensity of this feeling of deep healing would last for the duration of the call and for the time period after the call, that Caitlin would specify as half an hour or an hour, depending on how much 'work' she felt she needed to do. She was always very alive to how I was feeling that day and was careful to adapt the levels to what I could manage. I did 4 months of sessions, once every 2 to 3 weeks and it was a wonderful as I felt my body and its energy centres unfolding after 10 years of entrapment at the hands of the tumour. Throughout the process Caitlin was incredibly sensitive and it felt more like a collaborative journey, which was a lovely change to the top - down disempowerment you get in the hospital clinic and even with some alternative practitioners. I cannot recommend Caitlin enough and would urge anyone, faced with any problem or blockage, physical or emotional, to get in touch with her. I believe that I would not be writing this today, tumour - free if it weren't for her enormous healing power and her sensitivity, focus and generosity in channelling it.

Gabriella Alexander

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