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My Son Starts To Speak After Being Told He Never Would

When my first born son Tristan was two I was told his speech was behind the required point for his age and told to put him into a nursery known for speech development to help him progress quickly. Over twelve months passed without Tristan saying a word at nursery and only making noises at home. I received a call from the speech and therapy department when he was three and a half to be told they believed he had a connection missing between his brain and his mouth and would never speak. Distraught, I turned to a friend who had used Caitlin and she suggested I set up a call. Not knowing what to expect, I made an appointment for Tristan who sent him healing from a distance. Being cynical at this point, Caitlin told me to give it two weeks and he would start speaking. No word of a lie, two weeks to the day and he started saying single words at home, but nothing at nursery. Even sat on my lap he would whisper into my ear but make no noise that could be heard by the teachers – they thought we were crazy. At this point Caitlin suggested we search for a nursery nearby as he would not progress at this nursery, they didn’t believe he would ever talk. I produced a list of all the nurseries I could find in the local area and she dowsed them all and said the nursery wasn’t on the list and to look closer to home. Literally the next day, on a walk to the local shop my husband spotted a banner outside a community centre, a nursery called Little Chimps that I hadn’t found on the internet. We visited the nursery and fell in love, as did Tristan but still being cynical I sent the original list including the old and this new nursery on it and straight away dousing brought back Little Chimps as the top choice. Tristan started at the nursery the following week where on day one he said 7 words, day three put three words together and by the end of the first week they had heard over forty different words. When speech and therapy later visited to do a report they were stumped as to how he had come on as quickly as he had and to this day he is the ofsted report for the nursery, reception and year one of the school he went to as he progressed from being significantly behind to being well above average so quickly.

Caitlin has since gone on to help my husband stop smoking and my dog improve a skin condition.


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