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Car Crash Pain In Ankle Disappears And Arthritic Condition Improved!

As a child I suffered Chronic Juvenile Arthritis which left both knees with limited flexion. In 1992 I was badly injured in a road traffic accident. My injuries were that the head of both tibia and the base of one femur were shattered and my right ankle was broken. I recovered well despite the fact that the right leg had not been set straight which meant that in 1995 I endured, for 22 months, an external fixator to remedy the malunion.

The upshot of all this was that I had to have my left hip replaced in 1998. From that time to 2002 my previously fractured ankle began to give me trouble. The pain and swelling was remedied by two cortisone injections but it was becoming obvious that I could not continue with these long term, the alternative was surgery.

Luckily for me I met up with a friend, at a time of excruciating pain, that had been to see Caitlin very successfully. Without hesitation I went along. It has been nothing short of a miracle that the pain and swelling in my ankle has all but disappeared. It is occasionally a bit stiff but soon gets ‘into the groove!’ Pain is a very debilitating thing in itself and so to be relieved of that burden is wonderful. Having sorted out the ankle Caitlin suggested that we work on my knees to ‘unblock’ them from their stiffness. Having been stiff for 50 years it is a long process but one that is showing much promise. Already my left knee’s flexion is double what it was. Caitlin has been a most positive influence on my life physically and mentally in the last 12 months and frankly I do not know where I would be if perchance I had not met up with my friend when I did. A debt of gratitude is owed to them both.

Jane Taylor

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