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Help with Lowered Immune System

Quality of life restored! Low immune system, injuries, fatigue, pre-cancerous cells – healed! Where do I start? As you know I have been ill for the past 20+ years. My illnesses have ranged from suspected meningitis, glandular fever, untold number of viruses requiring hundreds of courses of antibiotics which have manifested themselves in the recent possible diagnosis of an auto-immune disease such as ME or MS, although numerous doctors and consultants have been unable to give an exact diagnosis. Considerable knee and ankle operations and a choleosectomy (gall bladder removal) as well as a serious knee injury, which could have required a knee replacement in the near future. Suffice it to say these illnesses and injuries have blighted my life for the past 20 years up until seeing you for the first time on 9th March 2002. Since my first visit, I can honestly say I have never looked back and my health has improved beyond belief. It is two years since I first met you and I have seen you on many occasions during that time. It is now obvious looking back just how poorly I was as you have treated all my various ailments, dealing with each one in turn. I do not now have the same constant recurring viral infections, illnesses or lack of energy and am no longer susceptible to the usual colds and flu to be found in school environments. In January 2003 I had an abnormal test result, which indicated the presence of pre-cancerous cells. Caitlin treated me and in July I received notification from St James’ Teaching Hospital, Leeds that I was clear and had no pre-cancerous cells. I now have my life back and am full of energy, able to go to the gym, swim and can actually plan ahead activities such as going on holidays, rather than cancelling at short notice due to being too ill to go out of the house. Although I have had countless amazing treatments one in particular stands out – the evening that I experienced a spiritual operation on my knee. That was truly incredible. Due to your gift I have not needed to have a knee replacement operation and never will. During the past two years I have lost count of the number of people I have recommended you to. Without exception, everyone has been amazed by your healing powers and all have felt the benefits of your treatment for an incredibly wide range of ailments. Suffice it to say, that I have not come across anything that you cannot treat. Even my father who has to be the most sceptical is now converted. Your expertise extends even beyond humans, as we know full well with our hound that is nearly 16 years old, but would not have been here after his little episode 1 year ago. In fact you have also enlightened us as to the dangers of geopathic stress and the serious effects that has on people’s health. The importance of ensuring that you don’t live in such an environment is crucial to one’s well being and thanks to your ability to change negative lines to positive and detect where the best place is to sit and sleep, I am now free of these bad energies, both at home and at work. As mentioned, I have recommended literally dozens of people and would never hesitate to pass on your amazing, exceptional abilities to anyone, even strangers I meet when out walking with Jasper! Sincere thanks for everything you have done for me. I now have a quality life.

Karen Taylor

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