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M.S. Symptoms Disappear!

My story begins in February 2003. I am 28 years old and one Monday morning had the shock of awakening with numbness in my left arm, back and leg. I couldn’t walk properly so I went to my GP who sent me to hospital straight away. It was 2 days later when I finally got the strength to hobble from my bed and a further 3 till I was sent home with a possible MS diagnosis and very worried. The doctors had no real answers (until possibly 2/3 years later when something else might happen). I was very slow in my recovery and after 4 months of hobbling and still none the wiser to my condition “a visit to a healer was required”, my girlfriend told me, “Caitlin comes highly recommended, I’ll book you in next week.” I know of the abilities of healers but expected nothing to happen quickly, so along I hobbled to see what she had to say. As soon as I walked in I relaxed, we talked of the events of my life and the last five months. Caitlin soon had some idea and started to relax and ease my leg taking the pain with it. She removed blockages in my energies and relieved a tension throughout my body. After an hour of intense work I walked out, proving to my girlfriend and me that miracles can happen. Each visit gave me hope and an inner calmness associated with wellness. The length of my recovery seemed shortened, with no true diagnosis but just 4 visits later, and a new lifestyle, has changed me in a way no doctor could. The reason how escapes me, but, with Caitlin’s knowledge of body energies and now a physiotherapist for some exercises I am regaining my appetite for life and adventure. The exercises seem dull to me but not when you can get to the top of a mountain to do them. I will continue to tell everyone I meet of Caitlin’s achievements with my condition and would always recommend trying alternative treatments especially when no one has any answers to your situation or cures for your pain. Caitlin’s work seems exceptional to me, this collection of letters seems to prove it. I had not known of the amount of work she has accomplished until after my visits but I can now see the extent of her abilities with all kinds of ailments. Keep up the good work!

Colin Baxter

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