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Unbelievably powerful distance healing!

During the 40 minutes you asked me to remain lying down, I experienced first of all about 10-12 minutes of powerful waves of energy bringing a great outpouring of emotion - very deep sobs of sadness, grief and suffering. There was certainly a great release of 'stuff' which had been pushed down. Then calmness, but I could feel so much was still happening within my body, and I just surrendered to it. I think some detoxing also occured as I went to the loo several times during the night. Since this last (of the current) treatment, I am feeling so happy and so free somehow. I really don't have words enough to express my gratitude to you for all you have given me, and I feel so blessed that I have been guided to you, both for myself, and for my family. I will miss speaking to you every week, but look forward to next time. Once again, thank you so very much for such an amazing healing experience. As I said to you last night on the phone, that after last week's treatment, and your removal from my aura of the imprint of the chemotherapy I had in 2005/2006, I felt (as you said I would) so light afterwards. It really was incredible, I got up after the healing ended, and felt so light, as if a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders and my back. I felt like dancing! The healing treatment you gave to me last night was just so unbelievably powerful. The only way I can describe it, is to say that I felt as if I was being held in a beautiful and loving 'force-field' of energy. I felt so deeply relaxed and at peace (and yet alert) I could barely speak. After you had put the phone down, and the healing was continuing (as powerfully) for another ten minutes, I really KNEW that the healing was coming from Spirit/God/The Source, and that you truly are the most amazing pure channel for this healing energy to come through. I felt this really is the Grace of God, of Spirit, and what a blessing to be allowed to experience this. I pray in my own small way that I be allowed to heal fully, and hold within myself the yearning to truly begin to awaken to who I really am. Thank you so very much for treating me, words seem inadequate sometimes, but I know that even though I haven't met you in person yet, you are already in my heart....Thank you so much too for treating my beloved daughter and grandson. Francesca feels so much better in every way and she will be e-mailing you herself.

Colette, UK

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