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Heal The Earth

I first encountered Caitlin through a friend. She had been receiving healing for a medical condition which had significantly reduced. Inspired and intrigued to know more about Caitlin's work, I took myself along to a workshop, where I heard about Heal The Earth.

The information said Caitlin would (from a distance) check the energy of your home, send healing if the energy needed raising with part of the monthly fee going towards the World Land Trust to protect rainforest and wildlife habitats, a win-win! Having a clear, energised home has always been important to me, especially as I practise shiatsu and meditate daily, so I signed up our house. Several months in, family and friends would comment on how peaceful the house seemed when they visited. I also had more restful sleeps..... but I didn't stop there.

Our house backs on to a large woodland cemetery. The energy had always felt heavy and dark in places even though burials no longer took place. Caitlin identified a number of souls still stuck, connected to battle (there are a number of fathers and sons buried there who died during World War I and II). With healing, changes started appearing in and around the woodland cemetery bringing new life back. A friend, unaware of the work Caitlin was doing, reported the energy felt different, lighter, when he went jogging there. Then a film festival was announced, taking place in the grounds that Summer with a pop-up restaurant in the trees! More nature walks and talks started being organised there throughout the year. It was also amazing to watch new housing, a new school and a new community centre being built around the perimeter.

I love walking through the woodland cemetery now. The energy is lighter, not scary at all. Neighbours and people in the community say how much they love the space. I'm thrilled that this has all happened. I would recommend everyone to put their house or a piece of land that they love into Heal the Earth. You never know what healing will take place !

Elaine, London UK


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